With Kinemac you can create a 3D path and set a camera, a light or any other sprite, to smoothly move along that path. In the sample here below we explain how to link the eye-camera to a path.
Create a Path

Firstly set the Top view pressing the t key or set the 4 Views mode selecting the menu item Views:4Views and work on the Top view.

Activate/deactivate the grid pressing the g key or selecting the menu item Views:Show Grid.

Hold down the 2 key then click & drag up and down the mouse on the Stage in order to zoom in/out to accommodate the view.

Path selecting the Path icon on the Stage toolbar or selecting the Objects:Path menu. Kinemac will automatically create an empty sprite Path in the Sprites Window.

Be sure the sprite path is selected on the Sprite window and the pen tool on the Stage toolbar is selected too.

Now trace your path on the Top view. Click on the Stage to create the first point, and without releasing the mouse button, drag the mouse a little bit to create its control point (orange). Release the mouse button.

Create the next points clicking and dragging as per the first point. In case you need, press the delete key in order to delete the selected point.

Press the f key to select the Front view. Your path will look that way.

Edit the points on the Inspector panel

You can edit a selected point of a selected path on the Inspector:Path panel. You can edit separately the end point (blue) and its control points (orange and green) entering a value in the X Y Z text fields, clicking on the steppers or dragging the sliders to the left or to the right. When editing an end point (blue) you will always move its control points too.

When you edit a control point (orange or green) using the Inspector panel outlets, you can activate the lock button (click on the lock icon on the top-left corner) in order to have the 2 control points move together.