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H.FoldersSynchronizer stands for "Hidden FoldersSynchronizer" (shortly H.FS). It is an application entirely equal to FoldersSynchronizer but running in background as an hidden application (usually defined as login item on the "System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items" list). It comes very useful to perform automatic sync and backup launched by the timers in a full transparent mode to the user. When running, the user cannot see the application, cannot see its icon on the Dock, cannot select it, cannot configure it, cannot manually start or stop a task and cannot quit it as usually. H.FoldersSynchronizer simply works using the latest settings you have defined with the FoldersSynchronizer application. And it works only if you defined a timer with the FoldersSynchronizer application.


H.FoldersSynchronizer is free for all the FS registered users. Put the H.FoldersSynchronizer application in a folder together with the normal FoldersSynchronizer app and the RegistrationFile.txt in order to unlock its demo limitations. If you are not yet a registered user you should buy FoldersSynchronizer on our web store then you will be able to run both FoldersSynchronizer and H.FoldersSynchronizer using the same license.

How to use it

• Usually you don’t need to launch H.FoldersSynchronizer manually.

• Drag the application H.FoldersSynchronizer on the login item list on the System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items.

• Mark the check-box Hide on the first column of the list.

• Now launch the application FoldersSynchronizer (the normal app, version 4.2 or higher) and define your automatic tasks using the Timers. If you don’t define a timer, H.FoldersSynchronizer will never fire it.

• Then Quit FoldersSynchronizer.

• Now logout then re-login. At any login the application H.FoldersSynchronizer will be launched as hidden and will fire the Timers. The user will not be able to stop the task. If you defined In case of error: Stop on the FS Preferences panel, even H.FS will stop the whole task in case of error. If you defined In case of error: Ask however H.FS will never ask you. It will continue the task.

v. 4.2.1 - 64bit - Feb 3rd 2015 - 2.7MB - Intel only

OS X 10.9 or higher - Successfully tested on Yosemite

Copyright © 2015 Softobe. All rights reserved.

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When you logout your machine, H.FoldersSynchronizer will automatically quit.

To quit it without login-out:

• Launch the Terminal.

• Execute the command top and read the process id (PID) of the app H.FoldersSynchronizer in the list.

• Execute the command kill 123 where 123 is the PID of H.FoldersSynchronizer you have to replace with the real PID value you got earlier.

• Furthermore, to stop H.FoldersSynchronizer, you can launch FoldersSynchronizer (normal app), turn the Timers off and quit. H.FoldersSynchronizer works only if you define some timer. So if you turn the Timer option off, H.FoldersSynchronizer will stop working, but it will not quit.


We suggest to activate the Log file on the FS Preferences/Log panel. So you can later check what H.FS has done.

We strongly suggest to firstly make some test on some test folders containing some test file. Then go and sync/backup your real disks/folders/files.

When the hidden application H.FS is open (remember you cannot see it), if you launch the FS application to configure your tasks, H.FS will pause. If you quit FS, the hidden application H.FS will re-start to fire the timers, beginning from the current time.

Please note that if you launch FS, modify the current tasks and quit, even without saving, the hidden application H.FS will execute the latest tasks you set on FS.

Do not launch H.FS manually. Once launched manually you have to log-out to make it quit.

Put FoldersSynchronizer, H.FoldersSynchronizer and the RegistrationFile.txt within the same folder.