Licensing and RegistrationFile.txt

Q: I have lost my RegistrationFile.txt. May I have a copy?

A: Yes. You can use our form. Fill with your Serial Number and Email and our system will email you the RegistrationFile.txt. Please note, you can’t use a different email than the one you used when purchasing the product. If you lost your Serial Number or changed email address, please contact us providing your registrant name & email, your serial number, the vendor, and any other detail that can help us to find your order. We will send you a copy of your RegistrationFile.txt. Please note, we process this case manually, so we can’t assure to do that in a few minutes.

  1. Q: I unzipped and put the RegistrationFile.txt within the FoldersSynchronizer folder, just near the application icon. But it still says that it is an unregistered copy. I didn't modify nor rename the RegistrationFile.txt.

    A: Most likely there are more than one copy of FoldersSynchronizer on your disks. So, maybe, you double clicked on some FoldersSynchronizer document file ".fsy", and the Finder launched an unregistered copy, located elsewhere.
    1) So, delete any other copy of FoldersSynchronizer from your disks, then launch FoldersSynchronizer double clicking on the application icon.
    2) If it is still unregistered, be sure you purchased the right license for the version you are using. If you purchased, say, the license for the versions 2, and you are using a version 3.X.X, the Registration will never work. Check your order in the email ESellerate sent you and verify you bought the license of the version you are using. Also check the email we sent you with the RegistrationFile.txt attached, and verify we sent you the registration of the version you are using. A registration for a version Y is valid for all the versions Y.X.X.

  1. Q: Two days ago I purchased a license for FS and I didn't yet receive my RegistrationFile.txt. What should I do?

  1. A: After you pay for a license, ESellerate sends you an email confirming the payment has been successfully processed. A few seconds later we will send you an email with the RegistrationFile.txt.
    1) If you didn't receive the email from ESellerate, it means that your payment has not been accepted for some reason, or they cannot reach your email address (may be you wrote a wrong email address in the order), so please go to the ESellerate web site and check for you order.
    2) If you received the email from ESellerate but you didn't receive yet the RegistrationFile.txt from us within 1 hours days, most likely we cannot reach your email address from our domain for some (and very rare) technical reason. Or maybe your email box filtered-out our email or rejected it as spam. So please contact us and provide us an alternative email address (different domain) to send your registration to.

  1. Q: When I launch the program, it says "this beta version has expired". Should I pay again?

  1. A: No, you don't have to pay again. The Beta version expired. Your RegistrationFile.txt didn't expire. We use to time limit our beta releases because they can contain minor bugs. Simply download the latest version of the software then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new folder. Final releases never expire.

FoldersSyncronizer 4

  1. Q: I backup from my local boot disk to an external USB key formatted as FAT16. FS, at any backup wants to copy the files again and again, even if they have not been modified. Why?

  2. A: The FAT16 disks store the modification date rounding the seconds to the even digits (18, 20, 22...), so if the source file modification date is 2011-01-01 13:25:19 it will be copied to the destination disk with the modification date 2011-01-01 13:25:18 (one second earlier). Of course at the next backup, FS will think that the source file is more recent than the destination file and will try to copy it again and again. The solution is to to go the Preferences/Copy Mode panel, and set the Modification Delta Second to 2 (seconds). This way FS will copy the file only if the difference between the modification dates is 2 seconds.

FoldersSyncronizer 3

  1. Q: I can't run FoldersSynchronizer 3.4.9. I get this warning at any launch: "In order to run this application requires the font Lucida Grande 10pt installed in the system. Cannot run". How to solve this trouble?

  2. A: Please use the latest version of FoldersSynchronizer. It doesn't require any font.
    Download the latest version of FoldersSynchronizer from this page or directly from here then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new FS folder.
    Delete any other copy of FS from your disks.
    Launch the new FS double clicking on its icon.

  1. Q: I can't get FoldersSynchronizer 3.6.2 run under Leopard. Any suggestion?

  1. A: FS 3.6.2 runs on Leopard very well. And the version 3.6.1 runs on Leopard very well too.
    Please delete the application itself and the preferences files from your boot disk:
    (Home)/Library/Preferences/FoldersSynchronizer 3.0 Prefs.plist
    (Home)/Library/Preferences/FoldersSynchronizer 3.0 Template.plist

    Download the latest version of FoldersSynchronizer from this page or directly from here then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new FS folder.
    Delete any other copy of FS from your disks.
    Launch the new FS double clicking on its icon.

  1. Q: I have just finished to backup my boot disk, but I cannot set it as boot disk in the System Preference panel. So it seems to be a non bootable disk. Why?

  2. A1: Most likely, you executed a Simple Backup and not an Exact Backup. When backing up the boot disk you always have to execute an Exact Backup.
    The Simple Backup (or only Backup) performs an incremental backup. That is, it copies the new source items to the destination and replaces the old destination items with the most recent source items. But it doesn't delete any item. Let's say you made a first simple backup. It went well. If you now delete a file from the source volume, and execute a simple backup again, you will see that file still existing on the destination volume. So the source and destination volumes will not contain the same files. In case of boot volumes, this condition could make the destination volume non bootable. So you need to perform an Exact Backup. The Exact Backup, more than copying new files and updating the old files (simple backup), deletes from the destination volume all the items not longer existing in the source volume. So at the end of the backup the destination volume will be exactly equal to the source volume. Only in this case the destination volume will be bootable as the source volume. See how to perform a good backup of your boot disk.

  3. A2: Most likely, on your destination volume, you forgot to unmark the check-box "Ignore Ownership on this volume" in the Get Info panel of the Finder. If so, please select the destination volume icon in the Finder, call the menu item "Get Info", go to the sub-panel "Ownership" then unmark that check-box. It must be always unmarked, even if you are backing up simple files and not the whole boot disk. Then execute the Exact Backup of your boot disk again. Don't apply any Filter nor Exclude system files from the backup. See how to perform a good backup of your boot disk.

    A3: maybe you backed up your boot disk to a subfolder of your destination disk. If so, this is wrong. You always have to backup your boot disk to the root of the destination disk.

  1. Q: I use to backup my files to a remote Windows machine, but sometimes FS finds that all the files have been changed, then it backs up all the files again and again. Instead only two files have been really modified and needed to be backed up. Why?

  2. A: There is a bug in the Windows OS about the dates. It's a Windows problem. Not a FS problem. Windows changes the files modification date, so FS understands that the file has been modified then it backs up the file again. The following web site reports a detailed documentation and solutions about this Windows bug. Please check
    One of the solutions this web site reports is to unmark the system option "Automatically change the daylight".

  1. Q: I set source and destination folder on the FS console, but when I try to start a sync, FS tells me "Source folder not defined". I can see that folder in the Finder. Why cannot FS recognize that folder?

  2. A1: Most likely you have not enough privileges on that folder. If the Finder can see that folder and FS can't, most likely you logged in on your computer as simple user, you are running FS as root and the folder is located on a remote volume. So, the simple user has the privileges to see that folder in the Finder and the user root (that is FS) has not because of a MacOS X limit on the user root in front of remote volumes. Please see the next FAQ here below.

  3. A2: If you are using a version lower than the 3.4.9 version and your folder is located on a remote volume not yet mounted, please go to the Preferences panel and unmark the check-box "Ask Confirmation". The versions lower than version 3.4.9 were not able to auto-mount the volumes because they checked for the folders validity before mounting the volumes. The version 3.4.9 fixed this minor but annoying bug and can mount the volumes even with that check-box on.

  1. Q: I need to backup to a remote volume using the "Run as Root" option, but I know this option doesn't work on remote volumes. So, how can I backup my boot volume to a remote volume?

  2. A: Since there is a MacOS X limit on the root user in front of the remote volumes, you should mount the remote volume as FireWire volume.
    Your computers should be connected by a Fire-Wire cable. Turn on your remote computer holding down the key "T" until a big FireWire icon appears on the remote computer screen. Then you will see the remote volume icon appear on the desktop of your local computer. You can manage these volumes as they are simple local FireWire disk devices directly plugged in your local machine. Then run FS as root and backup your boot disk. The user root can do everything on these volumes. Please read our web page about backing up the boot disk.

The theory

Run as root means that FS works as you logged in on your computer as user "root".
The user root has the right to write, read and execute all the files and folders located on local volumes. Thus all the system files and all the other users' files too. For example, if you want to backup your whole boot disk to an external FireWire disk, you should run FS as root, or you should login on your computer as user root.
But, MacOS X has a limit in its rules managing the root user. Even if you logged in on your local computer as root, or you run FS as root, you and FS will never get the root's permission on remote volumes. The remote volumes don't trust the local root user. In front of a remote volume, the user root becomes the "Others" user (and just something more), so it gets the Others' privileges. Thus, when backing up to remote volumes it's better to don't run FS as root. See above how to workaround this limit using a remote FireWire connection.

  1. Q: I try to drag a folder onto the Multiple list, but FS sometimes doesn't accept the drop. Why?

  2. A: It was a bug in the version 3.0.1. In order to drop a folder in the Multiple List or the Exclude List, the version 3.0.1 requires to be the front most application, so if you are using the version 3.0.1 you have to activate FS, then drag your folders. The version 3.2 fixed this bug. Even if FS 3.2 is not the front most application, it accepts the drop. Please keep in mind that you always have to mark the check-box "Multiple On" or "Exclude On" in order to edit these list (including dragging and dropping an item).

  1. Q: FS says that it cannot copy some Photoshop plugin file and some other file.

  2. A: The version 3.2 fixed this problem. Please download it, move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new version folder, and use it.

  1. Q: When I launch FS, it says "this beta version has expired". Should I pay again?

  2. A: No, you don't have to pay again. The Beta version expired. Your RegistrationFile.txt didn't expire. We use to time limit our beta releases because they can contains minor bugs. Simply download the latest version of FoldersSynchronizer from this page or directly from here then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new FS folder. Final releases never expire.

  1. Q: With earlier MacOS X builds prior to Jaguar everything was fine. FS 3.0 was working in the background and I continued with my work flawlessly. However, since Jaguar I have a problem. It is almost impossible to do anything else when a backup is running. It seems to me that FS is taking all the processor´s performance. The same trouble occurs even running on MacOS X 10.2.1.

  2. A: FS version 3.0.1 fixes this trouble. It runs on Jaguar properly.

  1. Q: We are working with FoldersSynchronizer 3.0 on MacOS X 10.2 Jaguar and we ran into an error.
    WARNING: Cant Copy the File "/ Volumes/ MacHD/Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Web to:"

    Error: Can't Set the attributes to the destination file. Would you skip or continue?

  2. A: FS version 3.0.1 fixes this trouble. It runs on Jaguar properly.


FoldersSyncronizer 2

  1. Q: I'm getting some trouble running FS2 on MacOS X. Why?

  2. A: FS version 2.x.x on MacOS X doesn't manage long filenames, unix permissions, multiple forks. Thus it's not indicated to work with the new file formats introduced by MacOS X (like files placed into the MacOS X system folder or files coming from Unix file systems). It runs properly with files you use on MacOS Classic. Please use the version 4 which works well with long file names, unix permissions, multiple forks, forks > 2 GBytes, Sym Links and GMT modification dates. Moreover this version has some features more, like multiple sessions, filters by filenames (starts, ends, contains, is, is not, doesn't contain), better features on Timers, it can run with root's privileges, can send the Log via email to a custom address, and more.

  1. Q: FS2 truncates Mac OS X long file names. Any idea?

  2. A: Simply the version 2.X.X has not this feature. The version 3.X.X has it. See the previous question.

  1. Q: FS "forgets" the location of the main folders on the external and remote volumes. Is it a bug?

  2. A: Yes, we can't let FS remember the location on remote and external volumes because CarbonLib has a bug regarding the Alias Manager.
    We notified this to Apple. They verified it's really a bug and assigned the bug number #2690899 against CarbonLib. We hope Apple solves this bug very soon, so we can do the same with FoldersSynchronizer. In the meantime, please, you can use one of these tricks:
    1) Make an alias of each source and destination main folder and put them on your boot volume. Then use those aliases as main source and destination folders. FS always resolves the main source and destination aliases, thus you don't have to mark the check-box "Resolve Alias" in the Setting panel (this resolves aliases nested into the main folders).
    2) Mount your volumes always in the same order before launching FS.

  1. Q: If changes are made in both source and destination files, when you sync/backup, will both changes be preserved?

  2. A: Yes, you have to mark the check-box "Check Backup Date". This feature is available since the 2.1.2 release. If that check-box is checked, and if since the last Sync/Backup both the files have been modified, FS considers this case as an error, thus it behaves as defined by the "If an error occurred" radio button marked.
    If you defined "Stop", FS will stop the whole task.
    If you defined "Skip", FS will not replace the destination file but will skip that single task.
    If you defined "Ask", FS will show you the "Replace File" dialog. From there you will be able to read the pathnames and the modification dates of the source and destination files, to launch and inspect the source and the destination files with their own application, to open their parent folders in the Finder, and then to choose if "Stop", "Skip" or "Replace" the destination file.
    If the check-box "Check Backup Date" is unmarked, FS will never check the last Backup Date, thus if the source file has the most recent modification date, it will always replace the destination file.

  1. Q: I can't figure out how to EXCLUDE the Desktop Folder.

  2. A: If you are using the version 2, go to the Exclude area.
    Click on a cell in the list. You will see the Navigation Services Dialog "Choose Folder".
    Hold down the OPTION key while selecting the item "Desktop" from the top-right pop-up menu. The Desktop Folder will be automatically set in the cell.
    This is a MacOS feature, not a FS feature.

  1. Q: I launched the version 2.0 beta but it shows an error message: "... could not be opened because PowerMgrLib (or NameRegistryLib) could not be found". What should I have to do?

  2. A: The version 2.0 beta18 fixed these troubles. Please download the latest version of FoldersSynchronizer from this page or directly from here then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new FS folder.

  1. Q: I am a v.1.9.6 registered user. The current version seems to be an unregistered copy. Should I upgrade? If so, how should I upgrade to the current version?

  2. A: Simply going to our store and upgrade. You will receive a new RegistrationFile.txt you have to put into the FoldersSynchronizer folder.

  1. Q: Does FS synchronize single record of my FileMaker file?

  2. A: No. FS can synchronize the entire file only.

  1. Q: Does FS work well on very large amount of files (e.g. 400.000 files and 16 Gb)?

  2. A: Yes. Sure. FS have no limit to the amount of files or bytes to be copied. Also, FS uses a buffer memory to copy the files one by one, as the Finder is used to do.

  1. Q: When I quit, using the menu OR using cmd-q, the app does not quit until I do a mouse click anywhere on the screen. Strange. Do you have any idea what is causing that?

  2. A: You don't own the registered copy, so FS reminds to you to purchase it.